Project Description

Project: KidsMatter video resources
Client: Australian Psychological Society

A series of videos to provide to schools with an understanding on the topics of ‘Body Image & Primary School’, ‘School Refusal’, ‘Understanding Self Harm’, and ‘Trauma’.

Body Image & Primary School: Featuring health expert and educator interviews, this video aims to support primary schools in cultivating a positive body image in children.

School Refusal: This video aims to help primary schools create an environment in which school refusal is minimised, and children are supported alongside their families to return to school or attend consistently.

Understanding Self Harm: This video looks at self-harm behaviour and how to support children who self-harm and their families, including promotion of effective emotional coping strategies.

Trauma: Featuring expert videos, this video looks at trauma in childhood and how to support children who have experienced trauma or a traumatic event